Friday, January 18, 2008

VTA resumes light rail service

During the 5pm hour, the light rail track on 1st Street was reopened and the first train went through. However the roadway on 1st Street remains closed to all traffic. The demolition of the fire damaged building is still ongoing and the construction equipment supporting the damaged structure is occupying the roadway.

Buses are expected to be rerouted off 1st Street at least for Saturday.

Earlier in the day, VTA operated a free "bus bridge" to connect the light rail service at Civic Center and Children's Discovery Museum. VTA also brought its mobile command post to 1st Street to supervise the bus bridge operation and other bus reroutes.


295bus said...

Not sure how to reach you other than leaving a comment, so--

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accountablevta said...

Thanks, I'll try that.

Anonymous said...

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