Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January VTA Committees update: VTP 2035 draft project list and more

The three VTA standing committees will meet tomorrow.

Congestion Management Program and Planning

VTP 2035 Draft project list - In coordination with MTC's Regional Transportation Plan process, VTA is conducting its own county transportation plan, VTP 2035. To be presented tomorrow is a draft project list. VTA will evaluate these projects and forward the final list to MTC in March. MTC will then further evaluate and prioritize these, as well as projects from other counties, for the final "financially constrainted" plan.

Administration & Finance Committee

Caltrain right of way payment schedule - For many years, VTA and San Francisco owed SamTrans for the purchase of the Caltrain right of way from Southern Pacific in 1992. Since the passage of Prop 1B in 2006, SamTrans pressed VTA and MTC to resolve the issue. Last June, MTC and VTA agreed to pay SamTrans using the gasoline "spillover" revenues. Tomorrow the committee will decide whether to forward the payment schedule to the VTA board. Despite their commitment, spillover revenue is not guaranteed. The amount of spillover revenue geenerated is dependent on changes in gasoline prices. Furthermore, the state could also take away the revenue.

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