Wednesday, January 23, 2008

San Jose State back in session

Today, San Jose State is back in session. It is a major test of the new operating plan VTA implemented last week. As students came to campus early to add classes they need to graduate, many buses got more crowded and, to handle the additional riders, three car trains ran on the Santa Teresa line.

Unlike most of industrial parks and community colleges in the South Bay, San Jose State is centrally located and well served by transit. Students can ride free with their student ID card and the sticker they get every semester. With rising cost of driving and education, along with limited parking, more students are turning to transit to save time and money.

The new bus operating plan benefit some students and hurt others. For instance, the new line 181 provides faster travel time and smoother rides for San Jose State students coming from Fremont. (A VTA staffer in yellow vest was at the Fremont BART station directing passengers this morning) However, some students that once depended on line 180 between Milpitas and downtown San Jose complained because they now have to take light rail (which was supposed to be preferable to buses) for a slower ride.

While students from Gilroy can look forward to the new line 168, other students heading from San Jose State to City College have to walk further to get to line 65 that has less service. Line 85, which was another route from downtown to City College, has been eliminated.

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