Thursday, January 17, 2008

Downtown fire interrupts light rail

An early morning fire in an empty building on 1st Street near San Fernando Street caused VTA to shutdown light rail service in downtown San Jose. Because of the damage to the building, VTA will not reopen light rail in Downtown until Friday evening when the building is demolished.

1st Street is closed.

Buses that normally run on San Fernando instead run on Santa Clara Street. The fire caused the closure of westbound lane on San Fernando Street between 3rd Street and Market Street.

VTA operates a "bus bridge" shuttling passengers between Civic Center and Children's Discovery Museum stations, stopping by most of the light rail stations in between.

Light Rail operates between Winchester and Santa Teresa stations as one line, similar to the operation during the Grand Prix race. However in the afternoon VTA operates some trains through downtown on 2nd Street.

In downtown, VTA staffers in yellow vests directed passengers to the bus bridge and rerouted bus routes. Many of the staffers were originally scheduled to assist passengers to the new bus service implemented Monday.

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