Monday, January 07, 2008

Getting ready for the January 14 major bus changes

Recent activities related to the upcoming bus changes that will take effect next week:

- Temporary signages have been placed at bus stops throughout the county showing changes.

- A VTA staffer was spotted on 1st Street and Santa Clara Street to notify passengers about the line 180 changes.

- On board VTA buses, automated announcements were made to make passengers aware of the changes.

- Google Transit now lists new routes and stops. However, brand new bus stops (such as on line 11 on 3rd Street, or line 39 on Fowler) are not yet appearing on Google Transit.

A poster on VTA Riders' Union message list questioned whether the "New VTA" campaign is actually a campaign tactic for a 1/8 cent sales tax that may appear on the ballot this November. He wrote that the new plan would allow VTA to easily reduce service in the future:

Easy service to eliminate:

Line 23 (12 to 15 minutes)
Line 26 (short trips between Eastridge and CurtnerLRT)
Line 60 (midday, short trips between SC andWinchester)
Line 66 (short trips between Milpitas and Downtown SJ)
Line 72/73 (midday)
Line 77 (15 minute service)
Line 180 to every 30 minutes

Please use the comment section to share your observations and experience with the preparation of this major route changes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi- Its been difficult for SJSU students who board the 180 express bus via Great mall in the morning between 8 to 9am. It was much easier before (the new time-schedule changes) for the students to reach the college in 15mins from Great Mall.I hope that the members of VTA understand and do something about it.