Sunday, October 19, 2008

Santa Teresa station and more

Santa Teresa and Cottle are the only stations under construction. While Cottle is closed during construction, Santa Teresa remains open with a temporary platform.

Construction at the Santa Teresa platform.

This is the temporary platform in the tailtrack area. Notice the wheelchair ramps and the hatchmarked area at the edge of the platform.

Light rail cars occupy that hatchmarked area. For some reasons, the temporary platform isn't level with the train.

A folding tent is serving as a shelter.

There's no direct exit from the platform to Santa Teresa Avenue.

Measure B is finally shown on VTA's site

After an earlier complaint from this blog, VTA finally included information on Measure B on VTA's site.


Anonymous said...

I expected the temporary platform to be a lot more akin to a wooden platform, instead of poured concrete, which isn't that temporary. I agree that they should have made it level as well, making every open station level.

accountablevta said...

It is a wooden platform. It is just painted grey.