Thursday, October 23, 2008

BRT Survey

VTA is conducting an online survey about the proposed Bus Rapid Transit. The survey doesn't ask where BRT ought to be aligned (because it is part of same politically motivated process that produced flaw alignments for light rail and BART) or what features it should have, instead the survey asks you to choose between the logo designs and vehicle colors.

While there's nothing wrong with trying to build a brand name and an identity, this effort lacks sincerity. There's no assurance whether the final BRT product would have everything riders expect. For instance, after 3 years, the 522 bus still does not have a predictive arrival system.


295bus said...

I don't doubt that the BRT lines will have reasonable routes...

The usual story in Bay Area transit is, invest massive amounts of money in rail transit on politically motivated routes, and then as an afterthought put in BRT where people actually need to go.

Anonymous said...

I have read the draft report released July. It states the new BRT as such:

- Monterey Highway between Diridon and Santa Theresa LRT

- Alum Rock / Santa Clara to Diridon from Eastridge

- El Camino to Palo Alto from Diridon

- De Anza College via Stevens Creek/San Carlos from 1st/2nd streets

- De Anza College via Sunnyvale (following productive portions of Lines 54 and 55).

Further study:
- King Road
- Story / Keyes