Friday, September 26, 2008

State's budget cut on transit hurts

The loss of $238 in state transit funds this year is expected to hurt transit riders throughout the Bay Area:

(San Mateo Daily Journal)
Caltrain, which runs Peninsula rail service from Gilroy to San Francisco, could have received $11.8 million from the state this year. It received $3.7 million. SamTrans, which runs bus and paratransit service in San Mateo County, could have received $13.7 million but the state only allocated $4.3 million, said Christine Dunn, spokeswoman for both agencies.

Already, SamTrans and Caltrain are considering fare increases to keep up with fuel costs.

BART riders could also feel the impact, Gail Murray, president of the BART Board, suggested a fare increase called "Sacramento surcharge" to make up for the $37 million loss in state funding.

According to MTC, VTA also lost $26 million of state funding this year, but so far VTA hasn't issued any public statement regarding the loss, perhaps in an effort to hide itself from the Measure B sales tax.

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