Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First post COA ridership report card comes in

Attached with the May Transit Planning and Operations Committee agenda is the 2008 FYTD third quarter transit operation performance report. It basically covers the ridership trend from July last year until the end of March of this year.

Key numbers:

Bus ridership - 4.2% increase over the same time period last year.
- For the last half of 2007, bus ridership increased 3.5% over the same period from last year.
- Since the implementation of the new routes on January 14, bus ridership increased 4.6% over the same period from last year.

Light rail ridership - 1.4% increase over the same time period last year.

Farebox recovery - 13.9%, 0.2% point more than last year, despite fare reduction on day passes and monthly passes for youth and seniors/disabled that was implemented last September.

In the back of the report are weekday ridership numbers and boardings for revenue hours on each bus and light rail route.


Anonymous said...

Bus ridership is due to the escalating cost of gas rather than VTA restructuring it's routes in January, which left many neighborhoods without service.

295bus said...

Is the report online? Can you post a link?

accountablevta said...

The link to the report is on the title of the post:


Unlike what VTA suggests: "The bus ridership statistics results would seem to indicate that the New Bus Service is having a
positive impact on bus ridership." The data isn't solid. Compared to Caltrain, Caltrain ridership gained 7.4%, even though there's no increase in service before March.

295bus said...

I see how the title is actually a link. I didn't know you could do that!

(It's neat, but readers aren't expecting that, so it's good to put it explicitly in the post, too; just my $0.02!)

Anonymous said...

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