Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Around Downtown San Jose

A 1992 Flxible bus was assigned to the 168 route. This bus kept its original paint scheme which dated back before the formation of VTA in 1996. Most of the buses from that year have already repainted to the current paint scheme. One would wonder why this bus got assigned to the 168 even though this bus does not have padded seats.

A poster was displayed on a window at the VTA customer service center on 1st and Santa Clara shamelessly promoting the ill conceived 2000 Measure A. Of course, the poster itself was placed probably more as a privacy measure than as a promotion.

The image showing Caltrain improvement was taken from BayRail Alliance's web site, which also happens to be one of the major opponents of the 2000 Measure A.

A McDonald's ad in Hindi on a VTA bus.


Anonymous said...

9200's could be assigned to any route within the system, they even show-up on Line 522. These coaches will start retirement in July and probably last till new fareboxes are installed and tested on existing fleet. It is planned to retire 1/2 of the 9700s at the end of 2009.

Abecedare said...

Your blog post helped resolve a question on the wikipedia reference desk. See this.

Thought you'd be interested to know!