Friday, July 15, 2011

Light rail is now offering wifi on all trains

Today VTA is making a claim to be the first transit agency in the world to offer free onboard wifi on all light rail vehicles. VTA is hoping that the new wifi system would attract new riders by making the slower trip on light rail more productive. VTA initially introduced free wifi on special "express" trains last October. Already, many private employer shuttles, Highway 17 Express, and MST buses are offering onboard wifi.

As a part of the wifi promotion, VTA is conducting a contest this weekend and offering a prize of two Giants vs. Dodgers tickets and Caltrain tickets to the game. To enter the contest, just ride the light rail and log in to wifi.

If commuters are pleased that VTA is offering wifi on all light rail vehicles, they would be more pleased if Caltrain offers free wifi as well. While wifi has been one of the most requested service on Caltrain, the agency has not been very responsive to that demand, even though Caltrain would stand to benefit much more than VTA from increased ridership and fare revenues.

Since VTA provides operating subsidy to Caltrain, it wouldn't be a bad idea for VTA to provide technical assistance to Caltrain on installing wifi.


Anonymous said...

"VTA Light Rail Trains Now Offer Free 4G Wi-Fi at Lightning Speeds!"

Oh the irony!! Lighting fast wi-fi while crawling thru the downtown transit mall at a snail's pace!

I'm just teasing. I think Wi-fi is a great idea! Anybody tried it yet? Is it really lightning fast?

stormofthought said...
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Anonymous said...

VTA Lightrail WIFI sucks 80% of the time! Very annoying as I sit here now constantly freezing up!

Unknown said...

I have to say the only thing I've been able to get the VTA wi-fi to work at least 90% of the time is Pandora, I've tried using VPN and putty, and my computer would crash badly. Sometimes you can stream Netflix.

Unknown said...
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Jiang max said...

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RickS said...

If they are so intent on dragging people to the service by offering WiFi, why didn't they give us the NAME to look for when trying to link to their WiFi or is it another one of those things of little import to VTA.


Ruben Compean Rodriguez said...

my computer is connected but when going to the portal it freeze up nothing else happen I have try all the steps but nothing happen, just sucks.

RickS said...

I've done another thing as useless as the Wifi service on VTA light rail and that is call them and tell them how it doesn't work on most of the trains and I use the trains alot and I try to use it everytime I get on most of the time when there is a signal 1mbs to me doesn't mean fast to me the most I have seen it at when there were a bunch of people in the company of some sort of VTA officials and it registered 30mbs but was still slow to do anything.