Tuesday, November 23, 2010

VTA's new hybrid buses

Earlier this month VTA rolled out its new hybrid buses. The new buses can be found on route 66.

The hybrid buses look pretty much like the older buses VTA bought 8-9 years ago. In comparison, SamTrans new buses come with a new style and paint scheme. VTA actually has a pretty good paint scheme for the small community buses, but for some reason it is keeping the old scheme on the hybrids.

The hybrid buses have a "hump" on the rear end.

The new buses are noticeably different from the older buses on the inside. The new buses have new wheelchair tie-ins to reduce driver workload, along with new seats.

The new buses also have a wider rear door.


Anonymous said...

Do you know which routes these buses run on?

arcady said...

I don't mind the old paint scheme, but I do mind them using the old body style. In particular, they need to make the windows go down lower in the low floor section of the bus. And I also like the cushier seats of the old buses better.

Anonymous said...

New body style means less coaches.
Old body style means more coaches bought.

Cushier seats? Just a big sponge filled with germs & filth. Think about it...

accountablevta said...

I saw the buses on 23, 66, and 68.

Anonymous said...

The new seats look great and are much more comforatable than the old ones. In also appears that the new seats are "cushier" with less foam. These are a welcome improvement. I also think wheel chair passengers will welcome the new systems.