Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Around the Valley this summer

An upgraded TVM has been spotted at Gish Station, that is supposed to take ATM and credit cards soon.

MST now has MCI coaches.

Late night service will be coming back on line 63 on a trial basis. If this trip carries sufficient riders, it can continue on a permanent basis.


New bus stop locations at San Jose Diridon Station effective next week.

Caltrain is rebuilding the Santa Clara Station partly to accommodate ACE and Amtrak trains. ACE used to stop at the Santa Clara Station from 2001 to 2005, when Caltrain decided to kick ACE trains out of the station to make room for more Baby Bullet trains (Southbound ACE trains used to stop on the northbound platform). San Francisco County Transportation Authority is a funding partner on this project (see the TA logo above the VTA logo).


arcady said...

Are there any plans for the new TVMs to handle Clipper somehow? If not, that would be unfortunate (but understandable). Also, would they be selling monthly passes? It would make sense to sell more expensive items with credit cards, since transaction charges are significant, and even more so for smaller transactions.

accountablevta said...

VTA plans to upgrade their TVMs to support Clipper, so that is probably a phase to eventually support it. Caltrain however has no plans to do that.

Selling monthly passes from the TVMs is not a bad idea. Caltrain already does it.

Peter said...

By the way, the "TA" logo has been removed from the sign at Santa Clara.