Monday, March 01, 2010

VTA land sales

On this Thursday's VTA Board Agenda is the proposed sales of various lands owned by VTA.

These lands are located in various cities in Santa Clara County. VTA wants to get rid of these properties because it believes they are no longer useful for transportation purposes and that the potential for joint development is low. VTA believes that some of the more valuable land would provide significant one-time revenue to the agency.

Park and ride on Capitol Avenue near Alum Rock - currently a narrow strip of underutilized parking lot. It is over 1/3 mile from Alum Rock light rail station, which also has parking.
Communications Hill at CA-87 in San Jose - a little piece of land up by the hillside not facing any roads

Park and ride at Lawrence Expressway/Moorpark Park - currently a bus only commuter lot, but often misused by those at the nearby strip mall. The lot is also leased to a nearby local private high school for overflow parking.
Lean and Herlong in San Jose - Basically a narrow strip of land located behind a row of single family housing and the CA-85 freeway. VTA proposes to sell that land to adjacent home owners.

North 1st & St. James - It is small parking lot leased to a parking operator. County of Santa Clara owns the rest of the lot and it is planning to use the land to expand the courthouse.

Page Mill/El Camino Park and Ride in Palo Alto - While it has a higher potential for TOD, VTA considers the land too small to worth its time and resources. The current lot is not well used by transit riders.
After approval by the VTA Board, VTA would first offer these lands at market value to other public entities for schools, parks, or low income housing. If other entities do not accept the offer, the land would be offered to the public.


Yokota Fritz said...

If the property goes to private owners, another bonus is slightly more property tax revenue.

Anonymous said...

Transit doesn't get any money from property taxes in our area, the way things are set up now. schools would benefit slightly.