Thursday, September 10, 2009

VTA releases revised service cut plans

VTA earlier today released a revised service cut plan after a series of public meetings. See complete listing here.

Changes from earlier proposal:

  • Line 10: One more early morning weekend trip reduction
  • Line 13: Hourly service all day instead of hourly service during peak hours.
  • Line 22: 24-hour service will continue. VTA originally proposed to cut the overnight service as SamTrans also planned to eliminate its overnight route. SamTrans later decided to keep the overnight service while eliminating its peak hour express service to SF.
  • Line 34: VTA will not eliminate this route, instead some trips will be cut.
  • Line 39: Peak hour service will remain at every 30 minutes instead of hourly.
  • Line 45: Saturday service will not be cut.
  • Line 54: One Saturday night trip will be kept.
  • Lines 61 and 62: Weekend service will be reduced from every 30 minutes to hourly on each route, which means service to every 30 minutes along Bascom. Extra service will be provided on the 62 between Civic Center and Capitol/Berryessa to maintain service at every 30 minutes.
  • Line 76: VTA will operate this route until June 2010, which will be discontinued.
  • Line 101: VTA will reduce service to one round trip rather than full elimination.
  • Line 103: No changes proposed.
  • Line 180: Keep evening service.
  • Line 181: Combine two trips rather than eliminate one of the trips
  • Line 304: Reduce one round trip rather than shortening the route.
  • Line 522: Changes in trip reductions.
  • River Oaks Shuttle: Operate the service until July 2010, then eliminate route. This route receives grant funds and has to be operated until the grant agreement expires.

VTA staff will present this plan to the VTA Transit Planning & Operations Committee for approval next week, and for the full board's consideration next month.

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