Thursday, June 18, 2009

Light rail disruption on the Campbell line

Hundreds of light rail riders got delayed this afternoon after a fatality occured on the light rail track at the Leigh Avenue crossing between Fruitdale and Bascom stations. A male on a scooter ignored crossing gate warnings and got struck by an oncoming light rail heading south at about 3:45pm.

At the collision scene:

At Fruitdale Station as people get off light rail and transfer to a bus bridge.

The bus bridge continues to Bascom Station where riders transfer again to light rail.

While the light rail is smaller and lighter than trains like Caltrain, the light rail can be deceptively fast. Riders and pedestrians should never ignore gate crossing warnings. In the Campbell section, the light rail trains do not blow horns (which isn't loud anyway compared to Caltrain) and can travel up to 50 mph. The disruption continued into the evening at around 8pm when VTA announced that service has been restored.


Anonymous said...

And, light rail is *much* quieter than Caltrain.


Jarrett Mullen said...

I think the speed limit is 55 on that stretch of track. Anyway, this is a tragedy, but I think for the most part the Vasona line hasn't suffered very many grade crossing collisions. Does anyone know what, if any, collisions occurred on this line before?