Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Texting while driving

This is a news report of an incident in Texas involving a transit bus colliding with other cars on the freeway while the bus driver was texting. This was particularly shameful considering that the bus driver was on duty and supposedly had enough training to know the dangers of getting distracted on the road.

Before the cell phone ban took effect in California, it was not all that unusual to see VTA drivers yapping on cell phones while driving the bus.

Advances in technologies go both ways. While devices like cell phones can distract drivers and put riders at risk, devices like onboard security cameras can be used to hold bad drivers accountable. Below is a security camera recording of a Muni train collision in San Francisco. An investigation has determined that the operator was speeding and was likely distracted by cell phone calls prior to the crash. Muni later fired the operator.

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