Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Transit being thrown under the bus?

The latest development in the Senate does not appear promising for transit:

But since then, certain senators — including, shamefully, California’s very own Barbara Boxer — have proposed to gut the already-paltry transit stimulus and to redirect new money toward highways.

An example of a sad reality in the U.S. Senate where bipartisanship means capitulations that impact local constituents. An even sad fact is that the Democratic Party still isn't able to "screw the other party" like the Republicans did during the Bush years.

Whatever stimulus funds towards transportation should be given with flexibility and strict accountability. Big cities these days don't need new highways, either they got too much of them or don't have room for them. However these cities, including smaller ones, have urgent needs for transit and maintenance, which keep jobs that already exist and create new ones.

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