Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A nail biter

The Measure B vote is still too close to call (although still hasn't passed). Meanwhile, unfortunately both Measures C and D passed.

Compared to the Measure A hospital bond and other transportation taxes throughout the Bay Area, Measure B receives the least vote even though SVLG spent more than a million dollars to promote it. It is a testament that enough people know about VTA's mess and that they don't approve of it.

Meanwhile, Prop 1A high speed rail bond passed with minimal promotions.


295bus said...

Looks like it's loosing.

For this tax to just barely fail is the worst possible outcome. A decisive defeat would probably have finally killed this project, and a victory would have probably gotten BART built to SJ, for better or worse.

Now we can look forward more inaction, or a really useless BART extension that stops at Milpitas.

accountablevta said...

A victory won't be enough to get BART go all the way to downtown San Jose. As we said here all along, VTA has been hiding the cost and Measure wouldn't be enough.

Regardless, we got VTA to face reality sooner rather than later. That's what VTA would've done so anyway.

Anonymous said...


Next Update: Every Wednesday & Friday at 5pm

Last Updated : 7Nov08 03:47 PM

Measure B, Santa Clara County V.T.A.
Completed Precincts 1,142 of 1,142
YES 66.44% 382321
NO 33.56% 193144

Measure C, Santa Clara County V.T.A.
YES 69.48% 348868
NO 30.52% 153255

Measure D, Santa Clara County V.T.A.
YES 63.81% 312853
NO 36.19% 177445

Last Updated : 10Nov08 11:00 AM

Completed Precincts 1,142 of 1,142
YES 66.48% 393322 [+11001 -> 68.01% of increment]
NO 33.52% 198319 [ +5175]

Measure C, Santa Clara County V.T.A.
YES 69.49% 358480 [ +9612 -> 69.87%]
NO 30.51% 157399 [ +4144]

Measure D, Santa Clara County V.T.A.
YES 63.79% 321349 [ +8496 -> 63.27%]
NO 36.21% 182377 [ +4932]

It seems a rather Guardino-y that Measure A should be
receiving a higher percentage of newly counted
ballots than it did of those counted last week,
especially when the percentage results for
Measures C and D are almost EXACTLY unchanged from
B: 68.01% vs 66.44%
C: 69.87% vs 69.87%
D: 63.27% vs 63.81%

One would expect roughly 250 fewer votes
(10747, not 11001) if the additional Measure B
ballots were in line (66.44%) with last week's
in the same way that Measures C and D are.

This is by now means in line with Alaska-level voting
fraud, but it does seem a teeny bit ... anomalous.