Saturday, March 15, 2008

Half-way done on Tamien Station platform retrofit

At Tamien, trains are operating on a single track to accomodate construction. The southbound side of the platform looks almost complete.

This is the contruction progress at the Children's Discovery Museum station. This station, as well as Virginia station, are closed to passengers during construction.


295bus said...

It really seems like there could be less disruptive ways of doing this.

They could, for example, close one end of a platform at a time, rather than one side. Then warn passengers to get on the front/rear (depending) car of a train if they want to get off there. Single car trains could just stop in the half of the station that was open.

Winston said...

It seems that a reasonably sized crew should be able to modify one station's platform in about a day if they do a bit of prep work the day before. With proper planning, VTA should be able to do a couple of stations every weekend and only keep them closed for about a week to let the concrete harden. Closing stations for a month to lay a concrete slab is just stupid.