Friday, June 23, 2006

Gonzales' culture of corruption may well extend beyond the City Hall

Like anyone being arrested, a fair question comes up whether the person has violated the law for the first time, or has violated many times but did not get caught. In the case of the San Jose Mayor, his style of backroom deals that contributed to his arrest yesterday certainly raises concerns about the possibility of other secretive deals inside and outside of the City Hall, such as at the VTA, where he has a strong influence and a flawed agenda.


Anonymous said...

Both of your 'fair questions' presuppose guilt. An arrest is not a conviction. We have a judicial process in this country; let's wait for it to conclude, instead of advancing personal speculations.

accountablevta said...

It is true that Gonzales has not been proven guilty, and that in legal sense he is innocent.

But from a political perspective, he is responsible of placing himself in a position of being indicted by participating in backroom deals.